How to Get Through Your Wedding Without Dieting

There's nothing wrong with dieting to lose weight before your wedding as long as you do it safely, but it's not for everyone. There's equally nothing wrong with staying your current size for the big day. If you're thinking about avoiding the classic pre-wedding weight loss regime but you're uncertain about how to make it work, take a look at these tips. Be Confident Confidence is crucial for a bride who doesn't want to go on a diet. Read More 

La Vie Boheme: How To Incorporate Bohemian Chic Into Your Wedding

When it comes to style, yours fits more with bohemian than it does more traditional styles and you want this to be represented in the single most important day of your life -- your wedding day. But how do you create a cool, bohemian space without going too weird for your (rather conservative) mother-in-law, or without straying too far away from what is recognizable as a 'wedding'? If you're looking for ways to incorporate a bohemian theme into your wedding while still keeping the decor and clothing chic and wedding-ready, then here's some tips and tricks you'll want to know. Read More 

Ideas To Make Your Wedding Standout The Modern-Way

Every year millions of couples celebrate their wedding. You are probably confused or overwhelmed by the millions of ideas available, and you are unable to come up with a final decision. Having a professional celebrant is a first step towards a stress-free preparation for your special day. However, besides having someone to hold your hand, there are modern tips that will save you from having a cliché style of wedding that doesn't show who you are as a couple. Read More 

How You Can Plan with The Event Hire Company to Achieve the Wedding of Your Dreams

Not everyone likes the idea of moving up and down to organize a wedding event, most especially if you are the groom or bride. Your last thoughts should be on how you will enjoy the wedding! To accomplish this, you should hire a reputable event organizer to assist you in preparing the wedding of your dreams. This is how you do it:  Find a reputable service provider with experience It takes more than just the basics to find the ideal event organiser out of the many. Read More