La Vie Boheme: How To Incorporate Bohemian Chic Into Your Wedding

When it comes to style, yours fits more with bohemian than it does more traditional styles and you want this to be represented in the single most important day of your life -- your wedding day. But how do you create a cool, bohemian space without going too weird for your (rather conservative) mother-in-law, or without straying too far away from what is recognizable as a 'wedding'? If you're looking for ways to incorporate a bohemian theme into your wedding while still keeping the decor and clothing chic and wedding-ready, then here's some tips and tricks you'll want to know.

Detail on the Dress

It's easy to give a bohemian vibe off with the perfect gown, while still keeping it a recognizable wedding dress. Go for a floaty silhouette -- think draped fabric with wide bell sleeves -- with lots and lots of lace for a effortless boho-style effect. If lace isn't exactly your style, a soft, floaty silk dress with a romantic sweetheart neckline gives you a slightly less naturalistic but still very bohemian design. You can utilize a tasseled belt or floral appliqué to complete your look -- or, if none of these suggestions are quite what you're looking for, search for bohemian-inspired dresses for details to use for your own. You can also get custom designed gowns, such as from Shane McConnell Couture.

Flirt with Floral

There's nothing more bohemian than a healthy appreciation for the beautiful aesthetics of nature -- so make sure to incorporate some floral themes into your wedding's decor. Artfully messy floral arrangements with twigs as fillers in between the flowers will give you that natural vibe to complete your boho vibe -- and for an added bonus, if you want to incorporate flowers into your personal look along with your decor, consider a floral headband or floral crown to tie your flowery theme together. You can search for inspiration anywhere for more floral ideas -- and don't be afraid to do a little DIY floral arrangement; even if you're not a professional, your efforts will look delightfully rustic and natural.

Glitz and Glam

With all of its natural charm, boho wouldn't be boho without a bit of silver and gold accents thrown in for some glitter and glam. Besides the shining silverware for the reception, adding in hints of sparkle in your floral arrangements (twigs sprayed with silver and gold glitter is an easy nod to the need for shine) or onto clips or buckles in the bridesmaids' dresses incorporates the glamorous edge in bohemian style. To kick it up a notch, try a glittering shoe along with your dress to give your guests a hint of shine every time you take a step.