Ideas To Make Your Wedding Standout The Modern-Way

Every year millions of couples celebrate their wedding. You are probably confused or overwhelmed by the millions of ideas available, and you are unable to come up with a final decision. Having a professional celebrant is a first step towards a stress-free preparation for your special day. However, besides having someone to hold your hand, there are modern tips that will save you from having a cliché style of wedding that doesn't show who you are as a couple.

Below are modern wedding tips you can consider to make your celebration stand out.

Long Tables Layout

Use of round or rectangular stand-alone tables has been the norm for the longest time. However, you don't have to include stand-alone tables surrounded by chairs at your wedding. A modern, beautiful, and unique arrangement for your wedding is having long rows of tables. You or your celebrant can have tables of the same size, and preferably rectangular in shape, arranged in a line to form one log row. You can join up about six tables. Also, you can have many long rows depending on the number of your guests. Besides the beauty and elegance of this arrangement, it is also economical because it saves on space and décor.

Mix and Match Your Colors

Love stories have always had the bride in a white dress and the groom in a black suit, be it a tuxedo or otherwise. However, nowadays this trend is changing fast. The groom is not restricted to wearing black only, and the bride gets to have a dress with some pattern or flowers.

However, despite the gradual changes, you can still take your theme a notch higher by choosing different styles and designs for your wedding wear. If you have strong familial ties to other countries, you can borrow a native dress code from a particular nationality or descent. For example, if you want your heritage to be evident in your wedding, you might opt for an Indian style of gown. Incorporating other fashion design aspects could also give things a fresh look, such as having metallic colours mixed with some animal prints to create an earthly look.

The Naked Cake

A modern idea for your wedding cake is to have it naked. A naked cake means that the cake is not frosted with icing, which is in most cases white in color. This idea lets your visitors see the layers of the cake, texture, and any additives such as fruits used in the cake.

Real fruits, real flowers, and caramel are commonly used to decorate naked cakes. Also, a naked cake is a good option for you if you're having a summer wedding because some types of frosting such as cheese cream easily melt in high temperatures.

Head Gear

You can choose to drop the usual crown with a white net and tail or a round crown made of diamonds or diamond-like jewels. A round flower or beaded head band is a new style you can opt for and make a difference. You can choose the style and type of beads that best match with your wedding theme. Also, you can choose from the different types of flowers, the type that brings out your preferences and taste.

Don't confine yourself to the norm. Think outside the box, and go for something modern that will make you stand out.